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1960 Imperial Convertible
1960 Imperial Roadster

The Blue Roadster

This 1960 Imperial Custom Roadster started life as a 2 Door Hardtop. I purchased it from a salvage yard in Colorado in 1999. I began this project in 2015 after I sold the Red Convertible. I liked the Red Convertible so much that I wanted another one; but a little different. So, after doing three 1960 Imperials in stock configuration, I decided to go all out as a custom. CUT THE ROOF OFF; at that point there wasn't any turning back.

Here is a list of the modifications:

     Remove The Roof

     Add Sill Plate Reinforcing

     "X" The Frame

     Weld the Roof Header Closed

     Weld the Window Channels Closed

     Extend The Fenders 3 Inches Over The Headlights

     Modify The Hood And Dechrome

     Design & Make A Boot And Console In Fiberglass

     1964 T-Bird Back Seats

     Convert Signal Light Pods To Ram Air Ducts

     Modify Fenders For Custom Grill

     Custom Upholstery By Top Stich St. Louis Missouri

     440 Engine 515 HP/ 555 Torque

The Red Convertible

1960 Imperial Crown Convertible

Bought - September 2002

Restoration Hours - App. 3200 Hrs. (8 Yr. Period)

Total Production - 618

At 5% Survival Rate - App. 31 Left

Engine - 413 cu. in.

Carburetor - Carter AFB 4 bbl.

Horsepower - 350 hp.

Torque Rating - 470 ft. lbs.

Transmission - 3 Speed Torqueflite

Shift Mechanism - Push Button

Front Suspension - Torsion Bar

Wheel Base - 129 inches

Weight - App. 4900 lbs.

Exterior Color - OEM Regal Red

Upholstery Color - OEM Pearlescent White

Top Color - OEM White

In addition to the standard equipment, this 1960 Imperial Crown Convertible has the Swivel Seat, and very rare Black Face Gages.

In 1955 Chrysler Corporation decided to make Imperial its own brand to compete against Cadillac and Lincoln. For 1957 Virgil Exner did a "Forward Look" restyling of the Imperial. Fins became the new look.

In 1960 Chrysler began switching to a unibody construction for Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth but Imperial stayed with the body-on-frame construction. This combined with the Torsion Bar suspension gave Imperials superb handling and performance. Power from the 413 cu. in. engine provided 350 hp. and 470 ft. lbs. of torque. The sales motto was "America's most carefully built car" and carried an approximate base price of $5700.00.

I purchased this car in September 2002 and began the restoration process. This 1960 Imperial Crown Convertible has under gone a 3200 hour, nut & bolt restoration over an 8 year period. I strived for perfection right from the start. I knew I wanted to take this car to the top of the AACA judging ladder. This was a task that would take a minimum of three years of judging if everything went according to plan. This was the result:

June 2011 - AACA 1st Junior Award (Perfect 400 pts. see document)

August 2011 - AACA 1st Senior Award (Perfect 400 pts.)

June 2012 - AACA 1st Place Grand National Award (Junior)

June 2013 - AACA Grand National Senior Award

June 2014 - AACA Grand National Senior Repeat

In addition to this, the AACA awarded this car the coveted AACA Bomgardner Award S.E. which represents the most outstanding restoration of the year in the Southeast Division for 2011.

Since completion , I have logged app. 250 miles which provides just enough miles for debugging purposes. If you are looking for quite possibly the best 1960 Imperial Crown Convertible in the country, This Is It.

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