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1960 Imperial Roadster
1960 Imperial Convertible

Welcome to my site. I primarily restore 1960 Imperials with some other makes thrown in at times. This Blue 1960 Custom Imperial Roadster is my last one. It is the only Custom that I have built. It is my creation. Even though the Red Convertible is a fantastic car, this Blue Roadster is absolutely spectacular. It is my favorite of the two.


The Red 1960 Imperial Crown Convertible has been sold. The selling price is of course confidential. As you read and view the following pages, you will come to understand and appreciate the work I put into this fabulous automobile. Yes the price was expensive but as the old saying goes "You get what you pay for". This 1960 Imperial Crown Convertible is quite possibly the finest, most accurately restored example in the country; right down to every nut and bolt.

I belong to the AACA organization. This was the motivator for restoring this automobile to such a high standard. I pursued perfection from the start and I didn't stop until this car was as perfect as I could make it.

Since 1985 I have restored four 1960 Imperials.

* 1985 until 1989 - 1960 Imperial Crown 4 Dr. Hdtp.

* 1998 until 2002 - 1960 Imperial Custom 4 Dr. Hdtp.

* 2002 until 2010 - 1960 Imperial Crown Convertible

* 2014 until 2023 - 1960 Imperial Custom Roadster

I am not a professional, I am not a dealer or a broker; just a hobbyist who was blessed by God with the talent to create national award winning cars. I've been doing my own restorations for almost 40 years. I do my own disassembly, body work, paint, and reassembly. I send the engine, transmission, upholstery, and chroming out to be done by the "professionals". Sometimes this obsession gets very frustrating as perfection never comes easy; and always with a price. For me it is all about pride in workmanship. It all started in 1973 when I bought my first car, a 1961 Rambler. A special thanks to Greg Tanko, my auto mechanics teacher for planting the seed those many years ago.

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